Summer here

Summer weather has arrived and we’ll have it around for a bit. It will be quite warm out here on the Peninsula, maybe 80 or so.


The number of vessels in the boat yard have been dwindling, as the summer season starts. Here in the Escapee park, boats are coming out of storage and getting cleaned up, likely for the crabbing season which starts July 1.

I watched something interesting the other day in the boatyard: a large sailing yacht was […]

Some Progress on a Problem (possible mini-rant)

I made some progress this evening on a computer/internet problem that’s been bugging me for quite a while. Here’s the story:

Many of my friends write blogs which I follow with great interest. They include a function on their blog which “shares” information to “social” websites. Click on a button on their blog page and […]

I Saw a Radio Show

“Says You” is word-game show on the public radio syndicate, I’ve listened to it for years but have only heard it in the Seattle area. Never having seen a radio show before, I grabbed a reasonably-priced ticket to see 2 shows produced in Port Townsend. It was quite interesting to see how these shows are […]

Nice Spring

This has been a most pleasant spring in terms of weather, better than I can remember. So almost every day is a good one for going into the mountains or to the beach or check out a little town. My favorite activity is hanging in Port Townsend and driving through the ship yard to watch […]

Doctor’s Visit

Today I had my annual checkup and a problem was found. I’m 63 and have never had any medical issues whatsoever, and have been waiting to see what would turn up. Things wear out with age, in my case it looks like it’s in the cardio/vascular system, but future tests will tell.

So here I […]

I Don’t Like This Guy

Maybe it’s just the way he looks:

[Click on the image once or twice]

Back Online

The last piece of converting my website from one hosting service to another was to cancel the old account with the incompetent service. Unfortunately they canceled my domain registration as well. To me, registration and hosting are two different things, but to the new company they are the same.

I got it “fixed” by contacting […]

Truck stuff

The shocks were replaced today, making a world of difference. Several problems were solved in how the driving felt, it’s nice again. Thinking back, the problems showed up quite a while ago, maybe when I was in Florida. If so, then the shocks I had put on a year earlier weren’t worth anything, junk. I’ll […]

The Elwha

Rather than go up into the mountains, I checked out the Elwha River today. They’ve removed two hydro dams and the river is now running free, allowing fish to spawn for the first time in 100 years.

The river is finding it’s course in what used to be reservoir, depositing silt and moving it around. […]