I Saw a Radio Show

“Says You” is word-game show on the public radio syndicate, I’ve listened to it for years but have only heard it in the Seattle area. Never having seen a radio show before, I grabbed a reasonably-priced ticket to see 2 shows produced in Port Townsend. It was quite interesting to see how these shows are done.

The format is two panels of clever, witty people guess the meanings or derivations of odd words. It’s strange to see a stage with Spartan decoration and players in street clothes, especially when they get up and move around unexpectedly, hand-signing for a fresh cup of coffee or something. Even though the audience from Port Townsend is most certainly familiar with the show, some couldn’t resist shouting out the answers, probably because that’s what they do when they listen. Very bad form, and they only do it once, but it destroys an entire segment.

Editing is the real art, and I will be anxious to hear how it turns out, likely in 2 or 3 weeks.

PT has more of it’s share of cultural memes. Besides wooden boats and boat building, it’s a writer’s place, with many local authors currently doing well nationally and internationally. Given the nature of the show I was expecting that group of people rather than boatbuilders or paper makers, but it was pretty funny when I parked and saw all the berets. And then there was the Port Townsend high society, almost an oxymoron but quite common here.

Good time, now I want to hear how it turned out.

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