Nice Spring

This has been a most pleasant spring in terms of weather, better than I can remember. So almost every day is a good one for going into the mountains or to the beach or check out a little town. My favorite activity is hanging in Port Townsend and driving through the ship yard to watch boats of all sizes and shapes get fixed up.

Here in the RV park, things are pretty quiet. There’s been a rash of leaseholders giving up their lots lately. My neighbor is moving the rig off his lot to Quartzite, and since it hasn’t budged for 10 or 11 years it’s been a group project to get it road-worthy. Turns out it was easy, everything on the Collins fifth-wheel worked fine.

Crabbing season starts soon, so a lot of the guys in the park are getting ready; you see a lot of trucks on the highway with gear. I stay away from Port Townsend on weekends now that tourist season is starting up. And local produce made it’s appearance here the other day.

It’s looking like summer.

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