Seattle 2

The goons came into town, fired up the protestors, got their video footage (they brought along Fox for this) and then packed up and left. Seems like overkill to me, but it is election season.

Looks like they’re retreating from Portland, too, which will help get things back together there as well.

Keep in mind that almost all of those charged with crimes will be released, and those arrested will be awarded with money. All of the cops involved in these things forget to collect and record evidence of any kind which the courts kinda require, so charges are dismissed, and an unlawful arrest suit is filed. That suit almost always goes to the plaintiff, costing the taxpayers a lot of money.

Seems silly to me, especially since all players know this.


Things worked out so well in Portland for the dumbshit, he flew in some more goons last night to Seattle. It’s been completely quiet here for a few weeks, but it looks like a welcoming party is being assembled for the weekend.

The honor guard leading the welcome ceremony for the federal goons (do they have an official name?) is the ACLU, the State Attorney General, the Seattle Attorney, and an assortment of contract lawyers and elected officials from all levels of government. I’ve seen this paper-waving ceremony before, and it’s inspiring.

Following that, the attendees will commence their activities. The protestors (peaceful, of course. I don’t want to leave that out) or the goons will open with either frozen water bottles or rubber bullets in a show of technological skill. Seattle Police will be the referees, likely matching with pepper spray before it becomes illegal to use it Sunday night.

Special appearances are expected from Antifa, and the Portland Anarchists are especially crowd-pleasing.

All sides involved hope for, and expect, a healthy turnout of corporate media, PR firms, and thousands of ad-hoc camera images. The winners will be announced Monday after analysis of the number of “followers” of all sides. Follow your favorite to vote.


The trumpskis would hate how we vote in Washington state. Not only is the election done entirely by mail, the primary is a “top two” vote whereby the top two vote getters go on to the general without regard to party affiliation.

Out here in Jefferson county, that means few, if any, republicans have much of a chance of winning. But I recommend being careful because some candidates try to pass as “independents” when they’re really republicans. Fraud, I think…..

My local pot shops

There are nine pot shops nearby where I am in Chimacum, and a few are quite nice, even unique:

This is Chimacum Cannabis, the closest store to me. It’s a remodeled farm house (on a historical register) in what we call “downtown Chimacum”. The owner likewise remodeled a neighboring house as a cannabis-friendly B&B.

Discovery Bay Cannabis is in an old train that used to run in these parts but was abandoned. It’s been a restaurant and ice cream shop along hwy 101.

Sea Change was the first shop to open on the Olympic Peninsula, the fifth store to be opened in Washington state. It was built as a coffee shop, along hwy 101 just a quick stroll from Discovery Bay Cannabis. The original licensee is now a County Commissioner and sold his cannabis license.

The newest store in the state, “Greens”, completely designed and purpose-built by the S’klallam tribe, again along hwy 101. There are about 5 or 6 tribal cannabis stores in the state which operate under a “compact” with the state that says they will follow (mostly) the laws of the state. Tribal taxes are almost the same as the state’s, and they keep them.

I’m lucky to have so many interesting pot stores in my neighborhood; most of them throughout the west are pretty ordinary, maybe even tacky.

We really, really, need…

A full-blown, all hands on deck, Manhattan-project, moonshot, warp speed scientific project to invent a vaccine against pathological lying. Imagine where we would be if only a few percentages of the population had received this just a year ago.

High from Seattle

I got a haircut the other day.

And I’m not in Seattle, just nearby. If I have any readers that rely on Fox for their TV news (I hope not), Seattle is not falling under the control of the mythical antifa. It is real life Seattleites living on Capitol Hill that took over the police precinct after the cops realized they were outnumbered and left it.

The antifa thing is really interesting. A family on excursion in their old school bus in Forks (Twilight) got hassled by people accusing them of being antifa. In nearby Sequim the local gun store owner saw on facebook that busloads of antifa were heading towards to Sequim to burn and loot the town. Dozens with guns came out to protect the town but were disappointed when antifa didn’t show up. Down in Klamath Falls, the second amendment guys showed up to prevent the busloads of anarchists and were left standing on the curb.

Similar stories about many small towns are showing up everywhere.

Antifa does not exist. Well, not in the form that some people think. Antifa is short for Anti Fascist, they are violently opposed to the violent right wing, both of which thrive on mayhem when the opportunity arises. Similar to the football hooligans in Europe. None of these dudes have degrees in political philosophy.

Seattle is fine. Watch it to see what the changes are.

25 45

Now, I know my radical christian friends actually think Dear leader is a man of faith, but for those gobsmacked by his recent theatrics in front of the church don’t miss Sarah Cooper’s take on his thinking. Anywhere on social media.

Isn’t there even a single mature person in the WH that can tell him he’s doing really stupid things?

PT Opening

Port Townsend opened up today. Retail is open, with limits, and restaurants have severe limits. The idea is to not attract tourists into a tourist town. Most important was my barber shop was open and I made an appointment for next week.

There were sails on the bay today, something I haven’t seen this year. It was tough to find a parking place downtown.

The Port called me to cancel my reservation at the RV park on Point Hudson, which I expected because camping is not allowed yet. That was OK because I had the reservation to see the Race To Alaska. R2AK was cancelled this year. You see, there was something about Americans bringing a deadly disease into the First Nations as the racers put into their towns and villages. Oh, and Canada.

Watching the bizarre performance put on by Dear Leader today was excruciating. Don’t we have a constitutional amendment to deal with situations like this?


I lived and worked in downtown Seattle during the WTO meeting and riots, and know the history quite well.

As I write this I’m watching the riot grow in Seattle. I can tell you what will happen for the next few days. They are starting in the same spot and breaking the same windows as they did in 1999.

Seattle took a lot of lessons from that experience. One was to not let the police try to win. They can’t, they are grossly outnumbered. So far tonight the cops are hanging back watching their cars burn up.

And the protestors are wearing masks and practicing social distancing (well, those two guys busting out the door to Nordstrom’s were kinda close), and carrying umbrellas because it’s wet right now. It’s Seattle.

It’s going to be long night…

Promises made

I know I said I’d write more often, and every morning I wake up intending to write about what I’m doing or current events. And then the day proceeds in yet another surprising way and I end up completely confused again.

It’s been that way since April 1, every effin day. Every day I think things should calm down a bit, and then comes more bullshit. Please Dear Leader, shut the fuck up.

Meanwhile, our county is opening up a bit as it hasn’t had any new cases for a month. We can’t open restaurants and such until neighboring counties qualify under state rules, but barbers can open. Right now I look like it’s 1969. And as I watch the demonstrations, it feels like it, too…