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Race to Alaska

Usually when I write that title I'm parked next to the marina so I can watch the activities. Replacement of the breakwaters which protect the marina started last fall and the whatevers involved in a construction project ate up my usual space at the RV park. Still in Chimacum, the weather is great.


I rolled into Chimacum about a week ago, after a long delay in Corvallis for a major repair on my RV. The weather here is much better than in Northern California. Here for the summer.

Newport, Oregon

Winter storms along the Oregon coast are always a favorite of mine. Watching the Pacific eat away at the edge of a continent is dramatic. I'm in Newport waiting out a storm cycle. My plan is to head to Chimacum as soon as I get a couple of days of good weather.


Happy New Year! I'm hanging out in Eureka, CA for a while watching a weather event. And, yesterday we had 5.4 earthquake. I expect there will be more.


I'm currently in Fort Bragg, CA, on the Mendocino coastline, sitting out a weather event. The plan is to respond to weather conditions while moving around and staying in the Mendo/Humboldt area.

Out of Chimacum

It's the second of November and I finally got out of the peninsula. My plan was to head to eastern Oregon and the high desert, dropping into Nevada, then cut over towards Sacramento. When I got to Kelso, WA, I looked at the weather forecasts for places I was going to. It seems a storm is coming in tomorrow, bringing large quantities of rain and snow, as well as wind to the bulk of the northwest states. If I followed my plan, I'd be facing days...


It's October 1, 2022 and I am still in Chimacum, WA. My plan is to wait until I get my ballot, around the 20th, vote and then take off for the Eastern Oregon High Desert. After burning up some time in Nevada, head to the Sacramento area when winter hits the mountains. Then Sonoma County for a winter-long meander up US101 like I always do. I'll try to keep up on my postings here.


I am at Pt Hudson for the start of the Race To Alaska. The object of the race is to go from Port Townsend to Ketchikan without having motors. You can walk if you want to, but rational people choose sails or oars. Your're given a month to get there. The first to cross gets $10,000, which sounds good, but it's a really a consolation prize. If you have a big fast boat, a world-class sailing crew, and a good day, you'll have no stories (that anyone...

NM Day One

It went well in NM on Day One. Local news got their footage of long lines, first legal buyers, and politicians. The cops were very well behaved, seemingly speaking common sense and apparently down with the scene. The drug dealers did $1 million of business on the first day, $120 thousand of that went to the cartel, the state of NM, that has a monopoly on the market. So now one can buy cannabis everywhere in the West except Idaho, Wyoming, and...

New Mexico

Legal retail sales start this Friday in New Mexico. I've been watching the legalization process for many years, and will be celebrating. The long process ended up creating one of the best cannabis legalization bills in the nation, is backed up by one of the most mature medical pot industries, and has an enormous Texas market to draw upon. New Mexico will do well. Opening day will involve long lines at stores, many people from El Paso, high...

WA Pot Laws

Let's say you go into a pot shop in Oregon and buy a cannabis clone, a tiny plant like a seedling. Then, if you took that plant into Washington, you could be charged with a felony, cultivation. Some folk claim a state can't be considered "legal" unless it permits home growing. Reality is that no one ever gets busted for this, but the law is still there. And given that this last session of the legislature didn't change the law, it will be there...