A Quartzsite Pot Shop?

Not in Quartzsite, but in Blythe, California. I’ve been waiting since CA legalized to see where the nearest store to Q would be, as it would get a lot of business in December and January. The Prime Leaf opened 2 months ago, just behind the Albertson’s on 7th. It’s the first fully-legal shop on I-10 when traveling eastbound, and has easy on and off freeway access, plus adequate parking.

Arizona is a medical state, a very weak medical state, but with a huge market operating with few rules. One rule, though, says the stores can sell to residents only, so it’s basically an illegal state to non-residents. So for those on I-10, Blythe will be the first legal store encountered. Snowbirds heading to Q and Yuma likely come from illegal states in the north and east, so this might be the first legal store for them.

At the Intake Blvd exit Have a Heart (a Seattle name) has broken ground and will build a store, complete with a tall freeway-obvious sign at the first exit in CA. They’re a few months away at least.

Taking cannabis across state borders is illegal federally. This is a non-issue between Q and Blythe as long as you have common sense: Keep your purchase out of sight in your car, do not consume in your car.

The Prime Leaf is listed on leafly. com, has a large and varied assortment, and the prices are surprisingly reasonable for CA. They should do well.

Sunset at Q

How many thousands of sunsets have I seen at Q? A few. I miss these a lot when I’m on the coast, but I get a good one tonight which I’ll interpret as “Welcome Back”.


Columbus Day, the holiday, has always baffled me. At one time I got the day off from work.

Now I see that according to Google maps Interstate 10 is the Christopher Columbus Transcontinental Highway. It completely escapes me how Columbus has anything to do with that road.

Quartzsite Again

I’m tired of desert-driving and will hole up in Quartzsite (at Hi Jolly) for several days. Clear and warm.

Baker, CA

Baker is along I-15, halfway between Las Vegas and Barstow. It’s a great entrance to the Mojave National Preserve, a large piece of desert. I’ve never set foot on this preserve, and don’t know much about what a preserve even is. Presumably any protection or conservation of the area is at risk in favor of oil and gas extraction, so I’m looking forward to seeing it now.


At this point we don’t know what is causing the illnesses “associated” with vaping. We don’t know if it’s e-juice for nicotine devices, nicotine cartridges or pods, marijuana cartridges or pods, or whether it’s the oils or flavorings.

It’s not very comforting to see our elected leaders jump on banning vaping or flavors or anything without knowing one iota about the facts.

Worse is those leaders completely neglected the ramifications and unintended consequences of their actions. Without knowing anything, it’s very possible that these mindless reactions could have much worse results than the original problem.

And keep in mind that a few governors (OR, WA, MA) have robust regulatory systems available to them to address issues like this. Ignoring their own systems is silly.

Life in Death Valley

The expected storm did come through, but not as bad as was forecast. I got dusted, but just a bit. Tomorrow I go “topside”.

I’ve observed there are about 5 times as many rental RVs as owned units here. That portends a lot of Euro and Asian tourists in the Southwest parks this year.

The park doesn’t officially start operating until next week. Meanwhile there are limited human resources, notably park rangers. I haven’t seen a single one since I’ve been here.

From here I’ll head up to Death Valley Junction, the easy way out of this hole. Turn south and head for Baker at I-15 looking for a crappy truck stop to park in for the night.

Furnace Creek

One wouldn’t normally select Death Valley as a place to wait out a storm, but I’m doing just that until maybe Friday. It’s in the 90’s right now, but tomorrow the wind will pick up (50 mph), kicking up a lot of dust, but dropping the temps a bit.

I had a hard time getting my modem to find a phone network, which can happen here but I’m near the visitor center and expected to get at last something. I finally forced the Mifi to look for a 3G extended network, which works sorta but is slow. Nothing heard from my telephone yet, so I’m not sure it even works.

So I’ll be sitting in my tin box getting tossed around a bit, rather than going sightseeing…

Bishop, CA

I’m near Bishop in a BLM campground for a night. 395 is always an interesting and scenic drive, one of my favorite routes.

Tomorrow I head to Death Valley. It will be 101 degrees when I get there, but on Wednesday a cold front will come through dropping temperatures down to 79. I always enjoy DV, and this time I’ll try to find a parking spot at the Furnace Creek campground which is no-reservation until next week when the official season opens.

It’s good to be out of the cold nights….

Reno, NV

Actually, I’m closer to Carson City at Washoe Lake State Park, an old favorite of mine. I got an early start and the weather and traffic was good so I kept going through CA without even stopping for gas.

I did get stopped at the CA Agricultural inspection station, and my RV and refrigerator searched, the first time that has happened to me. I had stopped in front of a dumpster, so I took the opportunity to grab my garbage and empty it. “Sir, the dumpster is not for public use”. “Neither is my RV, so we’re even”.

Now, coming from Yakima and Pendleton, I had plenty of melon, corn, tomatoes, and pears, but after looking at each one she was satisfied and left, handing me a piece of paper, which I put in the dumpster.

I’ll be here for a few days, resting up and getting caught up on supplies, maybe going up to Virginia City if the weather cooperates.