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Out of Chimacum

It’s the second of November and I finally got out of the peninsula. My plan was to head to eastern Oregon and the high desert, dropping into Nevada, then cut over towards Sacramento.

When I got to Kelso, WA, I looked at the weather forecasts for places I was going to. It seems a storm is coming in tomorrow, bringing large quantities of rain and snow, as well as wind to the bulk of the northwest states. If I followed my plan, I’d be facing days of winds above 35, temperatures below 20, and who knows how much snow. So I looked at the forecast for anywhere south and above freezing. I’m in Newport, Oregon. Rain is expected in the inches for the next few days, winds in the 50mph range. I’ve been here a few times to wait out storms on the Oregon coast.

Next week I’ll look at the weather and figure out how to get back on course.