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New Mexico

Legal retail sales start this Friday in New Mexico. I’ve been watching the legalization process for many years, and will be celebrating. The long process ended up creating one of the best cannabis legalization bills in the nation, is backed up by one of the most mature medical pot industries, and has an enormous Texas market to draw upon. New Mexico will do well.

Opening day will involve long lines at stores, many people from El Paso, high prices, and stores running out of product. That’s a scene that’s been played many times in newly-legal states, but it will settle down in a few weeks. Prices will stay high for as long as they can get away it.

Shopping in NM will be easy. First, the law does not allow jurisdictions to prohibit cannabis facilities, so even the most remote places can have a store. Then, long-established businesses have been prepping for this for a few years.

Best of luck, New Mexico.