Some Progress on a Problem (possible mini-rant)

I made some progress this evening on a computer/internet problem that’s been bugging me for quite a while. Here’s the story:

Many of my friends write blogs which I follow with great interest. They include a function on their blog which “shares” information to “social” websites. Click on a button on their blog page and some information is recorded, presumably to their benefit. To put it in (spine-tingling, intestinal-twisting) terms, if I click on the button the blogger has been “friended” by me and I am now an official “follower”. Excuse me while I vomit.

There, I’m back. The trouble I have is that I need not click on that button, it runs automatically to tell Eviloogle I am reading that person’s blog. Never mind the blogger is not a minion of Eviloogle, it notifies them anyway. I am not a member, subscriber, registered user or a fan of Eviloogle, and do everything possible to keep their hands off my computer, though I recognize that’s unattainable. Whether or not my well-meaning favorite bloggers ever find out I read their post, Eviloogle knows and records that.

I’ve managed to castrate that button on my friend’s blogs, though that’s only half the problem. Eviloogle knows I’ve received the blog post, but does’t know I read it. I’m counting that as a victory.

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