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Shock Absorbers

I seem to be rebuilding my truck. Today it was determined that my shocks needed replacing. Now, I just replaced those suckers about 18 months ago so that news didn’t compute. But then I saw it was 35,000 miles ago, so I guess that’s within reason. The factories lasted 100K.

I’m learning now that I push my truck hard. When I look things up on the internet about my truck I find I’m taking advice from off-roaders and extreme vehicle owners, not retirees and suburban trash haulers. So when I go to buy stuff, I must remember to specify the heavy duty parts, and not freak out at the cost. The work will be done later this week.

Meanwhile the weather has turned to excellent and by my calcuations the Olympics should be seen tomorrow. “The mountains will come out” is the local vernacular for this phenomena, kinda like the mountains move to San Diego for a week’s vacation. Now that they’ve returned I’ll take a drive up to Port Angeles, maybe up to the snow if the clouds allow.

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