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Truck stuff

The shocks were replaced today, making a world of difference. Several problems were solved in how the driving felt, it’s nice again. Thinking back, the problems showed up quite a while ago, maybe when I was in Florida. If so, then the shocks I had put on a year earlier weren’t worth anything, junk. I’ll see how these do.

Replaced a pair of tires, this time I didn’t give up much useful tread.

I went into town (PT) for lunch and sat on the beach with a slice of pizza. The weather is clear and summer-like, the mountains (Rainier, North Cascades, Baker, Olympics) were out, the bay glass-smooth, the islands Ireland-green. If you wanted me to describe what’s to like about PT, this would the day to show you.

Back to the shop, this time for an “alinement”. At $61, I doubt anything useful was actually done, me never have seen any auto mechanic do anything useful for $61. Not even Spanish-speaking mechanics.

So now I’m “alined”, have a full inventory of rubber, and the ride is smooth as Highway 93 through Nevada.

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