Washington passes a pot law

A public health office came up with the idea of distributing lockable “stash boxes” through the pot stores, particularly to homes with children. By law, the stores are not allowed to sell such things, nor can they give them away. A new law now allows both activities at the stores.

First off, the retail stores […]

Washington Legislature

When this year’s session opened, there were hundreds of bills left over from last year, including a couple dozen dealing with marijuana. With the laws and regulations on retail pot not even three years old yet, one could expect there would be many opportunities for modifications and additions to something so new.

They did manage […]

Color of the Day: Yellow

The local natives use the greeting “Tokitae”, which means “Nice day. Pretty colors”. This is the season where the Olympic Peninsula is frantically blooming, with a different color in the majority almost every day. Right now it’s dandelions. Every lawn, pasture, highway divide, and field is covered in blooming dandelions, sometimes completely covering the green. […]


California exports 80% of it’s cannabis crop out-of-state, which means only 20% of the industry is eligible to become state licensed under either medical or recreational schemes. Even if California is 100% successful in regulating the entire domestic market, the black market will still be five times the size. That’s how much is needed to […]


I’m back to Chimacum. Should be here for a while….

Back in WA

It was a great trip along the coast, and I hated to bid it farewell for now. Being able to see the storm-driven waves of the Pacific take bites out of the continent we live on is always an experience.

Shortly after I left CA, the Eureka newspaper ran a story on Last Chance Hill […]

Helluva storm

Things didn’t kick up until about 5 AM, so I got some sleep. Then the winds started. The weather service measured some gusts at 72 mph, and it’s been at around 40-50 most of the day. Plus rain.

High winds and rain are a good combination to find leaks in an RV, and I found […]

Stuck here for a bit

A storm warning went up today, mentioning winds from 45-60 mph tomorrow, my planned travel day. So I’m staying put in Newport until Sunday.

It’s a great place to be stuck, though. Officially it’s the opening days of the tourist season, but right now things are slow enough that getting around is a breeze.

I’m […]

Newport, Oregon

The weather has been wonderful for driving the coast, but that’s over for a while now. I’ll be sitting out the worst of it for the next few days here, then look at the forecast.

Sightseeing in the rain doesn’t sound like much, but I had planned on doing just that anyway; the sunshine was […]

Northern California

A commonly-seen guess of how many cannabis farmers there are in Humboldt County is around 10,000. Similar guesses exist for the neighboring counties. A lot of those plots are “trespass grows” on private or public land. Then, a lot are on the up-and-up, minding their ways, paying taxes, and desperately seeking more certain rules to […]