Stuck here for a bit

A storm warning went up today, mentioning winds from 45-60 mph tomorrow, my planned travel day. So I’m staying put in Newport until Sunday.

It’s a great place to be stuck, though. Officially it’s the opening days of the tourist season, but right now things are slow enough that getting around is a breeze.

I’m at the Port of Newport RV Park next to the marina, a monster boat ramp, the famous aquarium, some museums, and the Rogue River Brewery. With a view of the high bridge over Yaquina Bay. There are also harbors, boat yards, and a perfectly cute shopping district next to the bay.

Just a few miles north is Depoe Bay, another perfect town with jaw-dropping views. Chatted with a shop owner who had just opened for the season, she spends the winter at Port Angeles.

So it’s a great place (this time of year) that has some of the best views of the coastline during a storm. And I’m parked behind 2 jettys and a breakwater….

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