Newport, Oregon

The weather has been wonderful for driving the coast, but that’s over for a while now. I’ll be sitting out the worst of it for the next few days here, then look at the forecast.

Sightseeing in the rain doesn’t sound like much, but I had planned on doing just that anyway; the sunshine was a big bonus. And the coastline always looks great no matter what the weather.

Stateline Cannabis opened in Brookings on the California border. They intend to grab the northbound 101 tourist traffic coming out of CA, where it is basically illegal for tourists. Brookings has another half dozen shops, usually with zero parking or ability to handle RVs or trucks. The stores are just now opening up.

That’s good this summer for business, but next year CA will be online with it’s retail stores, then the only attraction in Oregon will be the lower taxes and prices. Chasing the lowest price is a dangerous retail strategy, but by the time CA gets done with it’s taxes, it might make sense. I wish them luck.

Heading to Chimacum next week….

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