Washington passes a pot law

A public health office came up with the idea of distributing lockable “stash boxes” through the pot stores, particularly to homes with children. By law, the stores are not allowed to sell such things, nor can they give them away. A new law now allows both activities at the stores.

First off, the retail stores (in WA) are not allowed to give away anything. This prevents the “free gift” when you buy an empty baggie for $35. Then, stores can only sell marijuana or it’s derivatives, nothing else. There’s a “sweetheart deal” that allows stores to sell “closely-related” items like rolling papers, bongs, and even cigarette liters, but stuff like food, T-shirts, or a pop machine is off-limits, including things like lock-boxes.

Now it’s legal for the stores to make available the lock boxes supplied from public health. I’m sure the stores will cooperate, now it’s up to public health whether they are free or are sold. Their objective is to get them out there to avoid accidental ingestion by children.

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