Color of the Day: Yellow

The local natives use the greeting “Tokitae”, which means “Nice day. Pretty colors”. This is the season where the Olympic Peninsula is frantically blooming, with a different color in the majority almost every day. Right now it’s dandelions. Every lawn, pasture, highway divide, and field is covered in blooming dandelions, sometimes completely covering the green. It’s gorgeous.

But it’s not confined to the peninsula. Yesterday at a big gathering at Hippie Hill in Golden Gate Park, photos show that it, too, was covered, and very pretty. Likewise in Denver at the party there.

Apparently not everyone appreciates this phenomena. A very high-ranking elected official took the floor at the Capitol yesterday to complain about the dandelions in the expansive lawn there. He offered to bring his back-pack sprayer and take care of it. Even worse, he didn’t like the way the tulip bulbs were coming up. Dandelions are weeds and need to be destroyed, according to him, and the tulips need to be in straight lines. Obviously the gardeners were slacking off. There’s moss growing on the concrete, too.

He sounds like an Eastern Washington farmer to me…

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