Roseville, CA

Six days of driving and I need a day off. The passes over the Sierra are still closed, so taking I-80 was the choice. They were skiing at Truckee, so I guess the snowpack is pretty good this year. It sure is pretty in the mountains right now. And Spring is blooming on the lowlands. […]

Bishop, CA

It was a long hard drive today.

As expected, I didn’t see any other wildflowers to speak about. The run east to west to Lone Pine involves first a long climb, then a drop into the Panamint Valley. Then comes the real climb to get over the Panamint Mountains. 35 mph was the best I […]

Death Valley

Usually when I visit DV the large parking-lot RV campground is closed because it’s off-season. This time I get to stay in it. Hey, something new.

It’s remarkable that I can’t see a single rental RV anywhere. Rentals are almost always used by Europeans, and were regularly seen in big numbers at the big-name national […]


It’s been eleven months since I was here last. I’m assuming things will work out better this time.

I made a stop in Quartzsite last night, and Steve and Sandy came by on their way to the Phoenix area, so we had dinner at Silly Al’s. Q is a nice place except for those two […]


On Monday I plan to leave Yuma and head to Chimacum. I have a doctor’s appointment on March 24, so I need to get there by then.

That leaves a month for the trip. The idea is to keep it moving through California, then slow down through Oregon.

While the weather forecast looks favorable for […]

Out of the shop

While they were great guys, I doubt either of us was sad to see me go out of there today.

The work is well done. For the insurance work, I think the insurance company got screwed. My deductible was waived, so it cost me nothing. It was done entirely to my satisfaction.

The price for […]

Most unusual parking spot?

The guys are motivated now. They went like crazy today, then told me the rig would have to move indoors for spray painting. So I hitched up, then handed the truck keys to the owner’s son. I couldn’t even see how to maneuver through a gate, turn 180 degrees, then get through a narrow garage […]

Warm in Yuma

It’s 85 this afternoon, and slowly warming up day by day. I like it.

The guys are actually doing some real work on my RV this afternoon. I’m not going to look at what they are doing until they finish. I’m not in a rush to get out of here.

I almost got pissed off […]


Well, nothing has happened at the body shop. Nothing on my rig, that is. I’ve learned not to ask anything because I will just be bullshitted. Sooner or later they’ll need the space, and the check from the insurance company. So, I’m planning on staying here for a while.

One of the utility workers is […]

Ramblings from the body shop

This morning a car was rolled out from the paint booth, a new Mustang done in chartreuse. It looked great but on closer examination is was gold-flaked, which added a tremendous amount of appeal to the color. Gawd was it beautiful.

Then the guys began taping it up for a racing stripe. Grown, oh no […]