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Camping at the Body Shop

When I came into the body shop first thing Monday, I saw that there wasn’t a full-hookup parking place after all. Well, there is a water spigot nearby in the shop, and an outdoor outlet next to me, but it’s used all day long by the workers.

Last night I had dinner with Dave and Kathy and joked that I might still be camped here on Friday. Since it’s now end of day Tuesday and no work has been done, that is probably not a joke.

I’ve been promised a lot, including some small unrelated repair things that would be nice to take care of. But after two days all I’ve got is promises.

The insurance company liked the number $3500 for the repair, which I think is a little silly, but is impressive enough to the shop that they feel able to make even more promises to me for free stuff. Oh, and promised to waive my deductible as a bonus.

So the promises pile up daily, but the work doesn’t.

It’s not a terrible parking spot, and it’s free, and I don’t behave any differently in a shop’s parking lot compared to the open desert, so I’m fine with waiting it out. But, I need to leave Yuma by March 1…..

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