Most unusual parking spot?

The guys are motivated now. They went like crazy today, then told me the rig would have to move indoors for spray painting. So I hitched up, then handed the truck keys to the owner’s son. I couldn’t even see how to maneuver through a gate, turn 180 degrees, then get through a narrow garage door. Backwards. I’ve watched Junior shuffle all kinds of vehicles around, so I knew he could do it.

First time I’ve seen my house moved around by someone else, and the first time I’ve been able to watch the wheels on sharp turns, which drag sideways, rather than turn when turned sharply.

Once in, the entire rig was masked off and the painting proceeded. They worked until 7:30, the latest I ever saw them work. Now I’m in my rig, covered with plastic and paper, inside the body shop’s garage. By anybody’s standards, a most unpleasant place to park and spend the night.

While the owner did the bulk of the work, he had two other guys standing by on OT, I suspect because he hates me and couldn’t stand the idea of being around me.

The work looks good, just a bit of finishing work to do tomorrow. Then, they’ll work on my bedroom slide which is on my nickel. That’s to fix a potential water leak.

If I survive the night, I’ll likely pull out tomorrow.

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