Out of the shop

While they were great guys, I doubt either of us was sad to see me go out of there today.

The work is well done. For the insurance work, I think the insurance company got screwed. My deductible was waived, so it cost me nothing. It was done entirely to my satisfaction.

The price for the work on my bedroom slide came out of Junior’s bullshit port in about a 1/2 second: $350. The work was done quickly and far exceeding my expectations. Since I was already ahead by $500 (the kick-back on the deduct), and I gave them $300(a last minute discount by the boss), I figure I made $200 today.

Ooops. Wait a minute. It was that kind of logic that got me started out on this ten-day boring adventure.

Out of my free $200, I gave $20 to the Friday burrito lunch…..

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