Hanging out in ER

I was laying there being pushed through with dope when a bunch of cops (OH NO! I’VE BEEN BUSTED FOR POT!) came in dragging a gurney pushed by the EMTs with a lady picked off the streets nearly ground to hamburger so high on meth no one could understand her or know what happened or […]

Out of the Hospital

I checked myself into the local hospital Friday evening for chest pains, and just now managed to escape the place and go home. Despite the ER physician’s assurances that I was not in prison, I was not allowed to leave the premises until today, so I did not have my computer, a razor, and my […]

Pahrump, NV

I’m at the Escapee park in Pahrump for a few days. I like taking this route through Nevada in the spring just in case there’s a wildflower breakout in Death Valley. Not to be this year, so I’ll avoid DV this trip (their season ends in a few days).

I’ve not found a favorite place […]

Katherine Landing, across from Laughlin

High winds are predicted for Wednesday, so I’ll be sitting here in the campground at a big marina. I always like staying here because it’s cheap and filled with oleander. I’m a bit early, but in a week or so the flowers will be spectacular.

About all I have to do here is pick up […]

Quartzsite yet again

I’m beginning my trip back north, so it’s Q for a few days. I’m not in a hurry, temperatures are pretty regularly in the 90’s now which is acceptable, and the only thing I want to do is stop in Yakima on my way to the peninsula.

Most everything is shut down or gone in […]

Algodones, last time this year

Yesterday was dental, today was glasses. It takes a few hours to make new spectacles so I spent the day watching the people.

The town depends on snowbirds: fat, ugly, obnoxious, and stupid people. They make an astonishing amount of money selling drugs, eyeglasses, and teeth care at a tenth of what it costs in […]

The dental thing

Whatever your teeth condition, Algodones can handle it. At prices one tenth to be found in the US. As I prepare to leave the desert, I grab a cleaning and checkup from my favorite Mexican dentist. Well, actually my favorite Mexican dental hygienists.

For $45 dollars (cash, of course) I get a cleaning (this is […]

Pot: How Washington State might fix their medical marijuana problem

While bills and amendments wend their way through the legislative process, it’s difficult to say with certainty how the revamped MMJ rules will read exactly, but general tendencies can be spotted.

Patients must have a recommendation from a real medical doctor for a bona fide condition, and patients may grow their own or form small […]

Hanging out in Yuma

It’s been just the last couple of days that I’ve noticed a lot of RVs leaving the place, so I guess the spring migration is on. Today I saw the first red-winged blackbird, one of the very early species to get moving northwards. I’ll be tracking the RWBB all the way to Port Townsend, I […]


This is the annual Escapees gathering/rally/convention, this year for the first time in the Tucson. Given the location and the timing, it was the biggest gathering by a large amount because the directors chose to have the event where people already were.

I went over for a day visit which worked out nicely. Just wandering […]