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The dental thing

Whatever your teeth condition, Algodones can handle it. At prices one tenth to be found in the US. As I prepare to leave the desert, I grab a cleaning and checkup from my favorite Mexican dentist. Well, actually my favorite Mexican dental hygienists.

For $45 dollars (cash, of course) I get a cleaning (this is what I want), then a blessing from the dentist himself.

Now, some might be wondering who my dentist is in Algadones. I think (superlative coming) it’s The Closest Dentist to the US Border.

If the hygienist noticed anything interesting, she would have passed that on to the dentist. After a 15 second look at my teeth, he advised that I brush my teeth up and down.

Last year he advised I floss.

Looks like a pretty good dentist, to me. Been my dentist for 7 years now.

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