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Hanging out in ER

I was laying there being pushed through with dope when a bunch of cops (OH NO! I’VE BEEN BUSTED FOR POT!) came in dragging a gurney pushed by the EMTs with a lady picked off the streets nearly ground to hamburger so high on meth no one could understand her or know what happened or who she was.

The hospital was eventually left with a human being, female, white, injured, with no more information. I listened as the cops, EMTs, nurses debated what age she was. They went to work on the outside bumps and bruises, chatting amongst themselves as to what internal injuries were there. And, the county guys decided they’d leave and go out and pick up some more just like her. Drugged out and hit by a car, left in the gutter, a broken body and a broken mind.

Humans. Left in the gutter. A 30 year old female, basically attractive, beat to shit, found 24 hours later. In the ER, a few of the EMTs decided to stay with her, the rest went out to find more.

Can we please give up this war on drugs and take on compassion for our fellow humans?


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