Doing I-84

I’m on a fast trip over the Rockies to Cheyenne, so I’ve been on I-84 since Portland. As interstates go, it’s a pretty nice route with plenty of variety. Even the driving comes with challenges now and then to ward off the usual mind-numbing that you usually find in the west on the interstates.

The […]

Farewell Bend

Regular readers know how much I dislike the perpetual and sad goodbyes that pretty much are the part of the rules of this lifestyle. Just the other evening I had to say goodbye to my grandkids for the second time in about a month. And the goodbye at Burning Man was particularly tough.

My ancestors-in-travel […]

The Wedding

The wedding in Portland was very nicely done, exceeding what I had anticipated. It was for the marriage of my nephew Rob and his partner Matt.

They themed the venue, the ceremony, the food, and the bar “Spain”, a place they visited and enjoyed. It took me a while to realize we were drinking Spanish […]

Tourist in Portland

If you can ignore the traffic problems, Portland has a lot to offer the tourist. It’s a dense city, things are close together. And everywhere you go there’s a new neighborhood with it’s own personality.

I checked out Hawthorne Street today, a neighborhood in the Southeast quarter. Powells Books has a big store there (I […]

Powells Books

This is the largest book store in the universe, or some such superiority. The number of titles on the shelves is massive, they seem to strive for at least one copy of every book published. And they get closer to that than any other book store I’ve seen.

I did well there, a shopping bag […]

Portland, OR

When I got up this morning, the rain coming in that I’d been watching for three days seemed to have sped up a bit. I got a move on quickly to try to make it to Portland before it hit. And I just made it. Now it will rain until Thursday.

This is the first […]

Pot in Oregon

The measure to legalize marijuana in Oregon comes up for a vote on November 4, but state and local agencies are ramping up fast to be ready for it. It appears as if folk think it will be a sure thing.

Cities and towns are passing ordinances to tax the businesses and jigger their zoning […]

To Portland tomorrow

Sutherlin is pretty and quiet, but it’s not very exciting. Roseburg has plenty of services, but generally speaking timber towns don’t offer much.

The reason for going to Portland (I’ll be parked at the Jantzen Beach RV park) is a wedding on Saturday night. The second reason is to mine Powells Books, “the biggest book […]

Pot in WA, an update

A New York paper described the legal marijuana market in Colorado and Washington as “wacky” and “puzzling”. I started off interested in investing these businesses, but backed off when I saw the conditions.

As I’ve said before, the agency in charge of implementing the WA law is doing it’s job quite well. It issued 11 […]

Sutherlin, OR

I’m at the Escapees park in Sutherlin for a week.

When I left Nevada I decided to veer west of Klamath to avoid a fire there. When I got to Redding, a fire to the west broke out. When I left Yreka the other day, yet another had broke out on the nearby ridge. Meanwhile […]