Tourist in Portland

If you can ignore the traffic problems, Portland has a lot to offer the tourist. It’s a dense city, things are close together. And everywhere you go there’s a new neighborhood with it’s own personality.

I checked out Hawthorne Street today, a neighborhood in the Southeast quarter. Powells Books has a big store there (I picked up three more titles), I checked out the grocery store, and on a tip from a local visited the Third Eye Shoppe, a classic headshop.

New Seasons Market is a neighborhood supermarket found in particularly dense residential areas. It is entirely full service, excellent quality throughout, but has no parking. Bikes and foot is how it works best in Portland.

Third Eye is a classic. Pretty much an exact match for 1968 headshops though it hasn’t been there since then. Fun place to re-live those old days, but they didn’t have the incense going at full blast. Ever wonder what was in the incense smoke back then?

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