The Wedding

The wedding in Portland was very nicely done, exceeding what I had anticipated. It was for the marriage of my nephew Rob and his partner Matt.

They themed the venue, the ceremony, the food, and the bar “Spain”, a place they visited and enjoyed. It took me a while to realize we were drinking Spanish wine, even Spanish beer. There was no cheating by using Oregon products, which impressed me.

I almost didn’t go because of my travel plans, but I’m glad I got talked into making an adjustment. I think that 100% of the families were there to show their support for Rob and Matt. I can’t recall hearing about “support” at a wedding before. My entire family, grandkids included, were there as well as all my relatives.

I left early so I could leave early. I’m in Pendleton right now, and doing a quick trip to Cheyenne on the interstates. I want to be over the Rockies before I let up and take a reading on the weather before deciding my next move.

Tomorrow I’ll be in a cell-phone hole.

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