Doing I-84

I’m on a fast trip over the Rockies to Cheyenne, so I’ve been on I-84 since Portland. As interstates go, it’s a pretty nice route with plenty of variety. Even the driving comes with challenges now and then to ward off the usual mind-numbing that you usually find in the west on the interstates.

The Wildhorse casino in Pendleton has set aside RV parking in their lot, marked off spaces on asphalt, which was better than paying to stay in their RV park for a single night. This morning I went into town to replace yet another trailer tire that was wearing on one side much too fast to consider going much further. I found a good shop, and he had some excellent used tires at a decent price. I still have a problem with my axles, but then I always have problem with my axles and tires.

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