Retail Cannabis in Washington

A week from tomorrow the WA State Liquor Control Board will issue the first licenses to retail stores selling marijuana. Those stores with their act together will be able open on July 8. I expect the media to respond similarly to the January openings in Colorado: lame jokes, shots of long lines outside of stores, […]

It’s a lot of work around here

I replaced the winch on my boat trailer the other day, a job made much easier having the auto/machine shop here in the park. No idea where the tools are stored, but I’ll learn, I’m sure. Of course, with so many hands into the tools, stuff floats around a lot. Took me a while to […]

Boat relocated

I spent yesterday’s “work day” helping trim tree limbs, a never-ending job at this park. So we started by trimming the lower branches over my new boat parking place in the storage yard. Today I moved it over from the nearby commercial storage and put it away, so it’s easier to work on now, and […]

Guns. A Thought Experiment

I was driving down the road to Port Townsend when a fire truck with lights and siren came towards me. As is done here, everyone pulled off to the side and stopped. As the firetruck approached, a fawn dashed out of the undergrowth and was hit by the firetruck, which kept going.

The fawn’s rear […]

Ms NIMBY (A Cannabis Post)

A farmer here in Chimacum is making waves about a marijuana growing operation next door to her place, without notifying her. No license to grow has been issued to anyone in the Beaver Valley where she lives, and as is custom throughout the country notification to neighbor farmers is not needed.

She’s pissed because the […]

Work Day

Thursday mornings are work days here. It’s volunteer, and I’ve been otherwise occupied until now. I got assigned to tearing down a shed, and had a great time.

I hate the sheds at this place. They’re ugly and take up far too much space. My shed, though, is coming in quite handy, looks great, and […]

Disadvantages of being a leaseholder

As my name rose quickly to the top of the waiting list here at Chimacum, I knew that something dramatic was happening. That something was a big increase in the annual fees, due to some major septic tank failures and rumored mishandling of the situation. As a rule, I ignore rumors around here, and I […]

Advantages of being a leaseholder

I needed to repair a teak railing for my boat and lacked a good wood glue and clamps. So I went down to the shops and looked around. There are three shops: auto/mechanic, wood, and landscaping. Any tool of any kind you saw in high school shops (do they do that anymore?) is there, help […]

Steampunk weekend in Port Townsend

A few years ago I was confused when there was a steampunk gathering in PT. I’ll leave it to you to google steampunk so I don’t have to try to explain it. I can’t anyway. The first gathering was tiny, just a few individuals. This weekend is bringing out quite a crowd, with several venues […]

Cannabis update

Colorado’s retail business is slowly growing, though not as fast as advocates predicted. They have a thriving “gray market” which has to be dismantled eventually, which makes it impossible to tell the extant the retail sales are biting into the black market.

One problem being exposed in Colorado is the lack of quality, consistency, and […]