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Guns. A Thought Experiment

I was driving down the road to Port Townsend when a fire truck with lights and siren came towards me. As is done here, everyone pulled off to the side and stopped. As the firetruck approached, a fawn dashed out of the undergrowth and was hit by the firetruck, which kept going.

The fawn’s rear legs were broken and we sat in horror watching the poor thing try to crawl off the highway. Several people were on their cellphones, I presume calling for help.

Somehow after the initial shock, I wondered what a gun owner would have done had they seen this. If I were such a person, could I have immediately reacted by jumping out and shooting the fawn? It would have been the right thing to do, but adding to the terribleness of the event.

The fawn crawled off the highway, and we went on down the road.

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