Storm Today

It was worse a tad north of where I am. Late this morning it was warm, very muggy, and blowing hard. The rain started, the weather radio went off talking about tornadoes nearby, the temperature dropped by 20 degrees, the rain let up and now it’s calm, considerably less humid, and a lot cooler. Storms […]

Fire Ants

These things are a pain the foot. They came into Mobile, Alabama (just across the bay from me) in the 1930’s and have dug their way through the sandy soil from Texas to Florida. They are tiny, about 1/8 of an inch, have jaws which grasp but also a stinger. Ants are uber social creatures, […]

Visit the Beach

The last time I toured the beach here the oil spill cleanup was going full blast, and some hurricane damage was obvious. All the work projects are done now, and there’re even some new buildings.

The sand is white and soft as sugar, the water is smooth and blue, clouds drift by, the sun shines, […]

Truck cleaned, and a good lunch

Sometimes my days are as regular and boring as yours. Today I washed and waxed the truck, still chasing dust from Burning Man out of it.

The Two Lindas demanded I have lunch with them today and we had a good time. Linda and Linda are friends of friends, and Bobbie noticed that we were […]

A Down Day

I took a quick spin around the neighborhood to re-acquaint myself with it, but didn’t go to the beaches. I cleaned out my truck to get it ready for washing (I wash it when I change states) and swept out the acorns, oak leaves, and long pine needles that have accumulated in the bed while […]

Summerdale, Alabama

I’m at the Escapee park here, one of my favorite stopping places. I’ll be here for a week at least, maybe 2.

I was happy to get out of Florida. I enjoyed Big Cypress, the Everglades, and the Keys, completely avoided the big cities, and was disappointed that the state doesn’t seem to have a […]

Ft Pickens, Gulf Islands National Seashore

This is one of the nicest National Park campgrounds I’ve been in, and an outstanding place. All things considered it’s probably the nicest beach I’ve seen, but too soft and fluffy for driving.

I got here just as the rain started and knew I’d have 48 hours of rain and wind, then cooler temperatures. I […]

Cedar Key, Florida

A friend tipped me off to this place, not far from Chiefland. It quickly became one of my most favorite towns.

It’s on the gulf, surrounded with small keys (islands), specializes in farmed clams, looks ridiculously cute, and has an amazing number of bars and restaurants. I headed towards one and ordered a bowl of […]

New Blog

New blog, new website, new email. For years I’ve used a single web-hosting service, a startup company that provided full services, great pricing, and reliable customer service. They grew, and acquired some competitors, then were acquired themselves. Stop me if you’ve heard this story before.

They sent me an email announcing I had been converted […]