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New Blog

New blog, new website, new email.  For years I’ve used a single web-hosting service, a startup company that provided full services, great pricing, and reliable customer service.  They grew, and acquired some competitors, then were acquired themselves.  Stop me if you’ve heard this story before.

They sent me an email announcing I had been converted over to their new system, and my blog didn’t work.  Nor my website.  I called them and got the impression my problem would be fixed when they felt like it, maybe a couple of weeks.  While waiting I discovered they had deleted my blog entirely with no hope of recovering it, and destroyed my photo album.  My web site came back in a few days.  Email kept working.

Today I moved my hosting service.  When you see this post you are using the new service.  The page might not look like it used to because I’ve got to customize it, again, as I must build my site from scratch.

My new hosting service is a startup company providing full services, great pricing, and reliable customer service…

Posted from Ft Pickens, on the island near Pensacola Beach, FL.




3 comments to New Blog

  • So are you going to allow comments on this new blog? I hope so. It makes it easier to comment to you and I like to see other people’s comments as well.

  • Greg

    And NOW we can actually SEE something when we click on your blog. I tried IE and CHROME….kept getting hollered at for trying to open your blog….and now IT WORKS JUST FINE !!!!

    Are you still heading this way??

  • Marty

    I’ll leave the comments on for now, until I can see how much spam I get.