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Fire Ants

These things are a pain the foot. They came into Mobile, Alabama (just across the bay from me) in the 1930’s and have dug their way through the sandy soil from Texas to Florida. They are tiny, about 1/8 of an inch, have jaws which grasp but also a stinger. Ants are uber social creatures, and when they go into panic, or stampede, mode you’re screwed. The stings hurt like hell and the sores last for a month. Postules they call them.

When the ants invaded my space, I bought a can of spray poison. I bought a can of unknown content to spray into my environment with no time given to deleterious effects to me or other fellow human beings. Damn the environment and birth defects and cancer, these things have to go. The can cost $2.97.

It worked. I watched hundreds of ants writhe and die before my very eyes. I took HUGE pleasure in this annihilation. Come on, just try to tell me why I shouldn’t use some unknown chemical to kill fire ants.

I didn’t wipe out the ants, I merely discouraged them and they went on to my neighbor’s place.

2 comments to Fire Ants

  • Mark Brackin

    Fire ants, kill them all! By the way my sister on Grand Isle uses a mixture of half bleach and water in a spray bottle and claims it neutralizes the poison if used right after the sting.

  • Marty

    I’ll make up a batch. Remembering where it is while screaming in pain might be a problem though.