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Visit the Beach

The last time I toured the beach here the oil spill cleanup was going full blast, and some hurricane damage was obvious. All the work projects are done now, and there’re even some new buildings.

The sand is white and soft as sugar, the water is smooth and blue, clouds drift by, the sun shines, temperature is in the 70’s. The towns are predictable, little difference between here and South Padre, condos, hotels, beach shops, and regular restaurants. Or, put another way, it looks pretty much like the next thousand miles of Gulf coast as I move west.

I had lunch at one of the regular restaurants; not bad (fried clams) but nothing special. My eye is on another place which I’ll try next week. I’ve got a tip on a place inland and nearby, found an OK BBQ place but will try another next week. Food along the eastern Gulf is designed to appeal to those from Michigan, Illinois, and similar places, the folk you see here.

Fire ants erupted today at my doorway. Great.

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