Truck cleaned, and a good lunch

Sometimes my days are as regular and boring as yours. Today I washed and waxed the truck, still chasing dust from Burning Man out of it.

The Two Lindas demanded I have lunch with them today and we had a good time. Linda and Linda are friends of friends, and Bobbie noticed that we were in the same place so she introduced us (from Texas). The Lindas are workcampers, travelling around for their jobs. Good people. They move on tomorrow, but I have no doubt we’ll meet up again somewhere.

I’m pretty sure I’m sticking here for two weeks, the Escapee parks are always good for kicking back. And planning the next moves.

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  • Oh, I recommend Panini Pete’s in Fairhope…down the alley in the French Quarter. They make their own mozzarella cheese…amazing. They have a roast beef sandwich….oh, my. Even my vegan taste buds are slobbering!