WA Followup

Yesterday I mentioned the poor bill filed to limit the THC in concentrates to 10%. 35 people signed up to testify at the hearing, all but 3 testified against.

Some of the other points made were that the elected representative who filed the bill likely meant 10mg of THC, not 10%, but it’s still […]

WA Lawmaking

I’m watching bill filings in the legislature for cannabis topics, which is entertaining when some really crazy stuff comes in. Every session someone files to split Eastern WA into a new state, for instance.

I laughed when I saw a bill to limit the THC in concentrates to 10%. I laughed until I realized […]

New Mexico Pot

Yesterday the NM Senate committee passed the marijuana legalization/regulation bill, with the House committee expected to do the same in a day or two. Last year it was the Senate that stopped a similar bill, so it looks like it will pass easily this year.

New Mexico has a functioning medical system which is […]

What I’m Doing

Next week I take my rv into Jimmy’s for a roof replacement. Last spring I scraped an overhanging branch, then moved on without knowing it. I discovered the problem when it rained in Santa Rosa, but couldn’t patch it until the rain stopped.

This was the third patch in the same place. When I […]

WA Homegrow?

Washington doesn’t allow homegrown marijuana. I’ve been watching the bills for a few years trying to change this law, and just a few moments ago the bill to legalize was passed out of committee. A huge advancement.

People have been home growing in Washington for over 50 years and will continue to do so […]


Here I am again. I have some work to be done on my RV at Jimmy’s, which I’ll write about later. Meantime I’m avoiding Quartzsite right now because I don’t like being there while the tent show is going on. I’ll get to Q when the crowds go away.

It will be cold here, […]

New Mexico Marijuana

I’ll be watching the project to pass a legalized cannabis law in New Mexico, the 12th state to do so, the second by legislative action and not by citizen initiative. The proposed bill was filed yesterday in advance of the session which opens Monday.

A good article can be read here. I skimmed the […]

Marathon, TX

I’ve been driving for three days in a fog bank. West Texas is bad enough, but to not see anything but the road is miserable. But, tonight a rain storm comes in. To avoid it I’m resting for two nights in Marathon.

I like parking at Marathon Motel and RV because of it’s location, […]

Laredo; back on the road

I’m glad I’m back to moving again, and happy to be headed for Deming.

The RGV has become a pain in the butt with traffic and people. It used to be you could avoid all that, but the population boom means more cars on their (in)famous expressway system. And harder on the frontage roads. […]

Texas pot

Texas has some of the most strict and draconian anti-marijuana laws in the country, down there with Idaho and Mississippi. So it was a surprise when it came to light that arrests for cannabis are down about 50%. Since hemp was legalized.

The storyline here is that prosecutors claim that they can’t prove someone […]