WA Lawmaking

I’m watching bill filings in the legislature for cannabis topics, which is entertaining when some really crazy stuff comes in. Every session someone files to split Eastern WA into a new state, for instance.

I laughed when I saw a bill to limit the THC in concentrates to 10%. I laughed until I realized that when a bill gets filed, it’s for real and has to be dealt with.

Regular flower runs about 14-24% THC. Concentrates (the plant material has been removed) run anywhere from 30-90%. I could think of about 2 dozen reasons why this proposal is bad, local reporters have come up with several more.

If passed, an instantaneous illicit unregulated market will come into existence to meet the now established market demand. Or, buyers will go to neighboring states to buy. Or, people will revert to pre-legalization methods and create their own in the kitchen.

This illustrates where some of our lawmakers are on the marijuana-knowledge line. You’d think in this state they all would have learned “Prohibition doesn’t work”.

There’s a public hearing tomorrow.

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