WA Followup

Yesterday I mentioned the poor bill filed to limit the THC in concentrates to 10%. 35 people signed up to testify at the hearing, all but 3 testified against.

Some of the other points made were that the elected representative who filed the bill likely meant 10mg of THC, not 10%, but it’s still ridiculous. Another was that this would shut down about 30% of the industry, with a corresponding loss in tax revenue to the state. That’s around 100 million dollars a year. The committee was obviously convinced before the hearing that that the bill was flawed, but nothing catches their eye more than revenue losses.

The elected representative also neglected to include a “fiscal note” with the bill, an analysis of the financial impact to the state. After people were heard the chair of the committee simply said that the bill was dead without bothering with a vote.

Maybe this was the first bill the rep had filed, for practice. Novice lawmakers have to learn their craft, too. First lesson: you had better know what you’re doing before proposing the state gives up a lot of money.

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