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What I’m Doing

Next week I take my rv into Jimmy’s for a roof replacement. Last spring I scraped an overhanging branch, then moved on without knowing it. I discovered the problem when it rained in Santa Rosa, but couldn’t patch it until the rain stopped.

This was the third patch in the same place. When I took a close look at the roof, it looked “thin”, like it was dissolving away. The texture was more fine powder than rubbery.

Before I left for Texas, I discussed the replacement with Jimmy’s, and set a date of Feb 3 for going in. It’s not unfair to say that Jimmy is famous for not being able to schedule work into the shop.

The roof will be stripped to the wood (though I cringe when I hear that material being described that way), a piece of rubber will be cemented down, and the stuff will be put back. There’s a flat price for the roof, but I pay by the hour to R&R the solar panels.

The job takes a week. I take it in on Feb 3, and pick it up Feb 10. So what do I do without my house for a week? In Deming, NM?

One option is to check into one of the motels not 100 yards away from where I’m parked now. I’ve been here a week, I’ll be here another week, just add another week in the same place. And my rv and a motel room are close in area.

I picked driving up to Albuquerque to motel it in the city, and then at the casino. Weather could be cold and snowy.

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