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Illinois is a bit different

I’m impressed with how Illinois rolled out it’s pot legalization program. There are far more people standing in lines around the state than I’ve seen before, far more than possibly could be served by any store. The day was marked by politicians showing up (governor’s office, legislators, mayors, aldermen) and participating. The sheer number of folks is remarkable.

I don’t think they were standing in a mile-long line (quiet, orderly, few police needed) to buy an eighth of weed (which they probably wouldn’t get) but to make a statement. Today was a demonstration. A display against the war on drugs. Nixon started it with his vendetta against the black rights movement and the anti-war hippies. Nancy Reagan had her “Just Say No” campaign. Joe Biden had his lock ’em up mass incarceration philosophy.

These were people proclaiming their dissatisfaction with those policies, not just waiting to buy some pot to get high. It was a notable day in Chicago, not just about some new stores opening up…

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