Port Orford, Oregon

It was good to get out of California. Port Orford is a nice little town, more a village. It has a tiny port that works with boat lifts and dollies or trailers to store the boats on high ground. The high point here are the coastline views, I think this village has three capes or […]

Del Norte County, CA

From Crescent City I can go to Brookings, OR; Grants Pass, OR; and Eureka, CA. The highway to Eureka involves a one-lane road, and driving at 25 mph around redwood trees. Del Norte is adjacent to Humboldt, Curry, and Josephine counties, very productive cannabis locales. Last week the county re-affirmed it’s ban on all cannabis […]

Crescent City

After 8 days of rain (and 2 earthquakes) I got out of Eureka and landed in Crescent City at one of my favorite rv parks. I’ll be here a few days; the forecast is sunshine for a week which makes the Oregon coast a most pleasant drive ahead of me.

And more on CA cannabis

It’s been very wet here, so it was a good time to watch government tv while the new ordinances for cannabis in Humboldt County were being presented and public input taken. Spend a week watching public policy being made? I wouldn’t recommend it.

California’s cannabis legalization system seems to go by the term “dual permitting”, […]


I’ve heard/seen references to “California Earthquake Authority”, which struck me as a bit odd as it sounds like they authorize and regulate earthquakes. That is entirely plausible in this state. Turns out, it’s an insurance program.

But this morning I sat through a 4.5 magnitude for about 30 seconds. Just about any size of earthquake […]

Humboldt County

The phrase “Humboldt Grown Cannabis” has a potential marketing value of billions of dollars, kinda like “Napa Valley Wine”. As am I’m here in Eureka, I can watch the government tv channel for County meetings, the City of Eureka, and the City of Arcata. Jurisdictions that are serious about getting this stuff right work pretty […]

Calaveras County

California’s new legal system seems to be working, though it’s impossibly early to tell for sure. I’ll be talking about that more, but there is one place where it didn’t work.

Calaveras County is in the Sierras, and was once a logging place until the mill shut down. The county went ahead and authorized many […]


It took almost a week for the rain to let up enough so I could travel. I’m now in Fortuna, about 20 miles south of Eureka. There will be two nice days, then a new rain thing will come in. At least I’m on the coast now so there’s something to see.

California Pot, a good read

I’m heading to Eureka tomorrow, and this article came out today. It’s by far the most comprehensive and accurate description of the cannabis scene here right now. Recommended.

The Solar Living Center

I’ve written about this place many times. It’s a must-stop when I’m in Ukiah. I was surprised to find one of the very first legal pot shops in California on the grounds. It had just opened, there were two people plus a security guard, they had product, prices were low enough to make me think […]