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And more on CA cannabis

It’s been very wet here, so it was a good time to watch government tv while the new ordinances for cannabis in Humboldt County were being presented and public input taken. Spend a week watching public policy being made? I wouldn’t recommend it.

California’s cannabis legalization system seems to go by the term “dual permitting”, which means you need a local jurisdiction’s permit to get a state license. I was in awe when I first saw the California state laws and regs. Last week Humboldt released their requirements, a 2000 page document. Put the two together if you want to grow weed in Humboldt, but I recommend a degree in law or public policy if you want to be in compliance. Millions of dollars would be nice, too.

My observations:

Nothing happens in Humboldt without consensus or at least input from everybody. The long-time pot farmers know well how to go to Eureka and speak up for their rights. And they know how to vote for their law-makers because the electeds are extremely well-informed on the subject. With the exception of one or two who are struggling with the reality around them. Weed and government have been partners in this county for decades.

Everyone in Humboldt wants to see the new world as “artisan-grown” cannabis commanding a high price from the discriminating customer which supports a family-run farm up in the redwoods fed by a snow-melt stream. That’s what I want to see.

It’s not even three months into legalization and licensed farmers (“cultivators” is the CA term for those now) with monstrous greenhouses in the desert now producing more output than Humboldt. That product, the genetics developed in Humboldt, is grown for extractions, not bagged flowers. Customers are vaping, not rolling joints.

A majority here see this happening and know it’s the end of their dream, and are begging for regulatory relief. The electeds are very sympathetic, but they need to create rational rules. Two thousand pages worth.

I just happened to be here when a cultural meme took it’s death blow. Long live Humboldt.

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