Parked in Ukiah

I am at the fairgrounds in Ukiah, a place I’ve stayed in many times. Like Sonoma County, it has trailers for the fire victims, about half the capacity of the park, leaving the good middles spaces for us travelers.

FEMA arranged for rv’s on dealer’s lots to put into whatever parking spaces, public or privately run, were available. Last fall they occupied everything. Now they are down to 50%.

So I’m in a regular routine rv park surrounded by model year 2017, varied brands and models, in the 2017 colors, from Camping World. Trailers, fifth wheels, and the occasional motor home, of all lengths and styles.

So what if you’ve never entered or thought about an rv and one day you are forced to live in a, say, 30 foot fifth wheel, unseen by you? Weird, uh?

It’s interesting seeing how a “small” disaster is handled.

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