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The Solar Living Center

I’ve written about this place many times. It’s a must-stop when I’m in Ukiah. I was surprised to find one of the very first legal pot shops in California on the grounds. It had just opened, there were two people plus a security guard, they had product, prices were low enough to make me think they’ve made an error. Their claim to fame is that they are totally solar-powered.

What was striking is the setting: the center is a collection of functional exhibits including ponds and gardens and play areas; there is school bus parking in the lot, and the place is obviously prepared for groups. In no state in the union would this be permitted, a weed store anywhere near where children gather. So that was unusual.

It’s also the only legal pot store on US-101 in Mendocino County. Mendo is the heart of the nation’s cannabis, yet there aren’t any stores open yet. Two will open soon in Ukiah, but that’s it for a while.

I don’t expect this place (the solar-powered pot shop) to last for more than weeks. There could be state enforcement, a local lawsuit, or (more likely) a complaint from another store as soon as they get their license for a nearby location.

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