Del Norte County, CA

From Crescent City I can go to Brookings, OR; Grants Pass, OR; and Eureka, CA. The highway to Eureka involves a one-lane road, and driving at 25 mph around redwood trees. Del Norte is adjacent to Humboldt, Curry, and Josephine counties, very productive cannabis locales. Last week the county re-affirmed it’s ban on all cannabis business.

Which means they have chosen to leave everything to the illegal, black, market. As a consumer, this isn’t bad at all: Cannabis is very plentiful, and barely costs anything.

But, if someone wishes to acquire legal pot, the best bet is to drive about 30 miles into Oregon. Prices are half what you’d find in Eureka, taxes are almost non-existent, and you can fill your fuel tank for a $1 less per gallon.

They’ll change soon.

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