Newport, OR

While I decided to avoid the Northern CA thing because of the fire danger, I’m looking now at routes over the Coast Range to avoid some rain. I think I’ve got a day of nice weather to see the touristy spot here, then the game becomes dodging rain storms.

Every ten or fifteen minutes along […]

Garibaldi, OR

Garibaldi is a sport fishing town on the north end of Tillamook Bay, a very different place than the tourist spot of Seaside. I’ll spend the weekend here then head to Newport.

I’ve been watching far too closely the fires in Northern California. It was looking pretty good this afternoon, but the forecasts called for […]

Changing Plans

The more I look at the situation in Sonoma, the worse it gets. While I am still several days away, maybe even weeks, there is plenty of fire danger in Northern California to make me hesitant. It would be easy to be on 101 with fire to the front, fire to the rear, mountains on […]

Fires Ahead

It rained a bit last night, and there are plenty of light showers around here, but further south it’s still dry. I’m watching the fire situation in Sonoma and Napa, as well as other Northern CA counties because that’s my planned route. I won’t go into an area under direct threat, nor show up when […]

Gearhart (OR)

It was a very quick drive to get here, adjacent to Seaside. Very pretty beaches here, and quite an over-the-top tourist shopping district. I’ll be here a few days to see downtown Seaside, but also waiting out some rain showers.

My goal for this leg of my trip is Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, which looks […]

Long Beach (WA)

There is an rv shop in Seaview, and I wanted to stay at Andersen’s in Long Beach. Unfortunately the entire shop’s staff was out of town, so now I’m staying here until a rain event passes through.

Long Beach is a tourist trap that looks like all the others along the coast. The actual beach […]

Room slide-out

I dropped into an RV shop to finagle some advice about my slide. I was hoping that an experienced eye could pick out something simple and obvious that I missed. “It’s probably the gear box” was the guess without tearing everything apart, the same thought I had yesterday.

The slide goes about a foot and […]

Ocean Shores

I’m at the Quinalt Casino in their duneside RV parking overlooking the ocean. All dry camp, but free. Only about one of five spaces is occupied.

It is as a warm a day as you could want in August, the skies are clear, and the sea is flat. For sure I’ll go beach driving tomorrow. […]


I noticed while looking around on Passport America that the casino near Shelton has an RV park, available at 50% discount, so I’m trying it out tonight. Nice park in a handy location.

But my slide didn’t go out. I’ve battled my slide for years, but this time I can’t figure out what is wrong. […]