Fires Ahead

It rained a bit last night, and there are plenty of light showers around here, but further south it’s still dry. I’m watching the fire situation in Sonoma and Napa, as well as other Northern CA counties because that’s my planned route. I won’t go into an area under direct threat, nor show up when folk are recovering. Assuming the fires don’t happen in Oregon, I’ll go east from Coos Bay and pick up I-5 at Roseburg if there are still fires ahead on 101.

California legalizes pot on January 1, and the laws and regulations they are putting together push off a lot of the details of how legal weed actually works to the local governments. Some of them have stepped up and put together some impressive rules that might actually work. Others have yet to get a clue and are punting the decisions by banning the product anywhere. Two that will always be mentioned in encouraging full-blown retail marijuana growing, processing, and selling are Sacramento and Santa Rosa.

Sonoma County wants to be the place where cannabis is produced, especially Santa Rosa. The fires have put a big bite on those plans, at a really bad time. I’m sure they’re not thinking about this right now, but it will become an issue quickly. Good luck to them.

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