Room slide-out

I dropped into an RV shop to finagle some advice about my slide. I was hoping that an experienced eye could pick out something simple and obvious that I missed. “It’s probably the gear box” was the guess without tearing everything apart, the same thought I had yesterday.

The slide goes about a foot and stops with a loud rattling noise. Then, it does not come in all the way at the bottom, same noise. So going down the road the bottom is out a few inches. No problems so far.

Inside it’s cramped. I don’t have access to a cabinet with books, maps, and paper files. I have a swivel chair that blocks the room entirely. I never sit in it, and it’s purpose seems to be to collect junk. So I’m thinking of jettisoning it.

It will take some weeks to repair the slide, when I can’t be moving. Over the next couple of days I will be deciding what to do.

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