Long Beach (WA)

There is an rv shop in Seaview, and I wanted to stay at Andersen’s in Long Beach. Unfortunately the entire shop’s staff was out of town, so now I’m staying here until a rain event passes through.

Long Beach is a tourist trap that looks like all the others along the coast. The actual beach is quite long and very driveable, a good alternative if you want to drive around the downtown area. Tonight is a negative tide, so folk are here to go clamming at 10pm with lights. Then, there’s a kite fly all weekend, though I think rain might shut that one down.

I like Andersen’s, they are nice people, and the park is kept up perfectly. I don’t like the prices in this town, but it’s real easy to spend just as much on a shitty beach-town rv park. And I’ve got a couple of those in my immediate future.

I’m learning to adapt to my rig without it’s slide-out. I imagine it’s like a 30 foot Class C, but not laid out correctly. Because the room slide-out doesn’t come in all the way, I don’t want to travel in the rain. I’ll be looking for a shop in every town I touch, I’m hoping for a diagnosis of the problem so I know what parts I need. Then comes the fun in getting the parts to where I am. But that’s down the road. Hell, I could be in Yuma before I get my slide back.

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