Two Days Out

The rule here is two weeks camping at Bird Island basin, then you must camp elsewhere for two days before returning for another two weeks. For the windsurfers, “My two days out” means they’re temporarily gone for two days before returning. They’ll spend months here doing the two days out thing.

It was not my […]

North Padre

One of my all-time favorite places to park. I’m in the North Padre National Seashore unit at a dry-camp only spot on the Waterway side of the island. It’s a famous sail boarding place, though there are only 5 boarders here now. Very, very few travelers around.

Weather is warm (85/70), very humid, breezy, and […]

Choke Canyon State Park

This has become one of my favorite stopping places, halfway between San Antonio and Corpus Christi. An excellent birding and wildlife place, and in the off-season a wonderful, quiet place. It’s always a surprise to me see it was developed by the Bureau of Reclamation, not the Army Corps of Engineers. The facilities are equal […]

Pot: The Halloween scare

Every year the warnings go out alerting parents to be on the watch for marijuana-laden treats that look like candies or cookies. And every year (for decades) no such case has been found. It (and the razor blade in the apple meme) were debunked a long time ago.

But rather than ignore this silliness completely, […]

Hondo, Texas

It was a relief when I went into Hill Country this morning. Much easier on the eyes. It’s still hot and humid, but a disturbance going through tomorrow should fix that for a while.

I’m at the Escapee park here for about a week. Partly to take a break from driving, and then to fetch […]


There’s plenty of spaces in the RV parks around here, not too many tourists show up. The advantages are the limitless views of the largest mesquite forest I’ve seen. Interesting roadkill seen are armadillo (lots), anteater, javelina, racoon, wild hog, snakes and deer and furry cute animals.

I’ve been going through the Panhandle but I’m […]

Fridge problems?

My fridge showed a fault code this morning: the flame detector had failed. I figured out what part I needed and looked at my plans. I was going to dry-camp as long as possible, but now I needed electricity to run the fridge. RV parks are not plentiful around here; quite scarce, actually. So I […]


When I drive into Texas, I wonder how long it will be before I leave the state. Months, usually.

I left Kansas, crossed the Oklahoma panhandle, and am now in Shamrock. I’m following US83 which is certainly not a touristy route, though it does go through Abilene. The region is oilfields, cattle, minerals, cow food, […]

Garden City, Kansas

I’m here to pick up US83 which runs south all the way to Brownsville, Texas, which is where I was headed. Now I’m thinking of going to Corpus first. Whichever, I’ll be on 83 for quite a while.

I’m in an RV park, next to a wind-turbine factory. They make those huge components that you […]

Pot: Kansas

About a year or so ago, Kansas and Nebraska sued Colorado for legalizing cannabis, claiming that Colorado weed was coming into their state, breaking their laws. They even argued that people were driving through their states, breaking their laws.

The Supreme Court listened to them and dismissed the case. States don’t sue each other […]