Pot: Kansas

About a year or so ago, Kansas and Nebraska sued Colorado for legalizing cannabis, claiming that Colorado weed was coming into their state, breaking their laws. They even argued that people were driving through their states, breaking their laws.

The Supreme Court listened to them and dismissed the case. States don’t sue each other over such trivial things.

Yesterday the Kansas Attorney General complained that Colorado pot had “permeated” the state, it being found in almost every county and local jurisdiction.He went on to say that it was displacing the Mexican stuff. And, it was displacing Kansas home-grown because of it’s quality. “Kansas weed” has been slang for really crappy marijuana for decades, usually treated like a rip-off for the real stuff.

Now, I seldom give any credence to any law enforcement agency on this topic; they continue to recite the same points over and over again despite irrefutable proof. But this does strikes me as possibly the first time a leo has observed that domestic cannabis is reducing the demand for the Mexican stuff. To every advocate of legal and regulated weed, this is a good thing, a desirable outcome of strict control.

As far as displacing local Kanses weed, it strikes me Kansans are showing good taste.

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