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Two Days Out

The rule here is two weeks camping at Bird Island basin, then you must camp elsewhere for two days before returning for another two weeks. For the windsurfers, “My two days out” means they’re temporarily gone for two days before returning. They’ll spend months here doing the two days out thing.

It was not my intention when I came in, but I’m thinking seriously about the two weeks thing and maybe taking my two days out. And coming back. I like this place.

The people here are great. Basically windsurfing junkies from all over (three countries), but we’ve all gotten together and it’s quite a social group. The wind is good, sometimes great. That doesn’t matter to the junkies, anything is better than nothing. The water is warmish.

Beach driving is non-existent because high tides (an unusual thing in the Gulf) have eliminated the beaches completely. There are a lot of trailers that were parked on the beach stuck in the sand because they didn’t anticipate the tide. The Park is trying to accommodate those stuck, but the ocean and the weather control things here. Over here, on the waterway side, the tide seems to be about 3 inches, so I don’t see it.

I like this place a lot. Sunrise is over the water, sunset is over the water.

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