Wildfire in the Rain Forest

A small fire has broken out in the Olympic National Park, deep within the wilderness portion, often referred to as the rain forest, the wettest spot in the lower 48. It’s been burning for about a month, and there is no access to it. It will burn until autumn rains come to put it out.



When I left for Seattle this morning it was raining here, the first real rain the Olympic Peninsula has seen in 5 weeks. Not enough to matter at all, but the smoke from Vancouver Island is now cleared out.

It was fun to go to the party for Maizie (age 7) and Amos (age 3), […]

Pot: Washington law changes with great benefits

IRS rules say that if you make money in illegal activity you must still pay taxes (think Al Capone) on your profits. Usually profits are defined as revenue minus expenses, but IRS rule 280E says if you are engaged in illegal activity you may not deduct your expenses.

Those in the marijuana business have to […]

Scheduling hassles

A few days ago I got a call from my cardio surgeon’s office that suggested I was going to have my “procedure” much sooner than I expected. I expressed concern because it looked to me that something had gone wrong somewhere. Later, they tried to change it and I balked because I need to arrange […]

Point Hudson

I’m at Pt Hudson in Port Townsend for the week as a vacation from the SKP park. The Bennets are here, too.

It’s hot, and muggy. Quite unusual and uncomfortable around here. And it should stay that way all week. At least there’s usually a breeze at the point.

Hospital results

The good news was not there, so I’m in for heart surgery in two weeks. Whoopee.

My cardiologist has been great in understanding and accommodating my travel lifestyle. While I’ve reminded him that while I like my style, it is flexible by definition so he needn’t get too concerned about it. But he sticks to […]

A very nice day

The salmon lunch was excellent, and it was a treat to see the RV park at Whidbey Naval Air Station. The view was obscured for a while by fog, but it thinned out as the day went on and there was plenty to see.

A surprise was that Steve and Sandy appeared. Well, the surprise […]